Founded with Passion

The BuzyWives brand was created with women entrepreneurs in mind. They are bold, independent and fulfill themselves professionally in various fields. But oftentimes they are also wives and mothers and have lots of things to do. Our goal is to help them look great without spending long hours in front of the closet. Our answer are clothes of high quality that fit various occasions and can be worn both sporty and in a more elegant version with high heels.

One less problem!

Women entrepreneurs have lots of things on their minds and finding the right piece of clothing every day is another problem, that they do not need. But wearing the same shirt every day is not an option for a modern woman! Therefore, our goal is to simplify fashion and design high quality clothes in unforced, and timeless style.

Why BuzyWives?

The brand is addressed to "wives", because  the topic of female ambitions often becomes complicated after starting a family. We constantly balance between work and home, struggling with the feeling of guilt, that too intensive work takes time away from the family, which often leads to postponing our careers for later. We don't have a perfect way to combine work and family life, but we believe that taking care of your own development and career ultimately has a positive impact on the life of the whole family! 

High Quality and Local Production

When creating our clothes, we think about women, who balance between work and home every day, so we pay a lot of attention to the comfort and quality of materials. We produce all clothes in small sewing factories in Poland with utmost care and attention to every detail. We mainly use natural fabrics and knitwear, that are OEKO-Tex certified, which guarantees, that our products are safe and anti-allergic.